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How to Determine the Appropriate PSI for a Pressure Washer

PSI or pressure per square inch, is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an industrial pressure washer. The appropriate PSI for your pressure washer will depend on the specific needs and applications of your cleaning project. Factors such as surface type and level of soiling can influence PSI selection, so it is important to carefully evaluate your cleaning requirements before making a decision.

One common approach to determining PSI is to start with a lower PSI setting and gradually increase until you achieve the desired results. This allows you to fine-tune PSI settings based on surface texture and other factors. For example, high PSI may be suitable for heavily soiled surfaces with little surface texture, while lower PSI may be better for delicate or textured surfaces that require more gentle cleaning.

Another consideration when selecting PSI is the type of detergent or cleaning solution you are using. Some solutions may require higher PSI levels in order to be effective, while others may work better at lower PSI settings. Experimenting with different PSI options can help you determine the best setting for your needs and achieve optimal results.

Ultimately, choosing PSI is a matter of balancing several factors such as surface type, level of soiling, and detergent choice to find the setting that works best for your specific cleaning needs. With careful evaluation and experimentation, you can select the right PSI for your pressure washer and get great results every time.

Below you’ll find a few PSI guidelines for surfaces that are commonly washed with a pressure washer:

Car or Truck

Recommended PSI Range: 1200 – 1900 PSI

Patio Furniture

Recommended PSI Range: 1500 – 1900 PSI


Recommended PSI Range: 2900 – 3200 PSI


Recommended PSI Range: 2000 – 2800 PSI


Recommended PSI Range: 2900 – 3200 PSI

Heavy Stain Removal

Recommended PSI Range: 3300 + PSI (if surface will not be damaged)

If you are unsure which PSI setting is right for your pressure washer, it may be helpful to consult with our experienced professionals at RJP Hotsy who can help you select the best PSI level based on your specific needs and application requirements. With the right PSI selection, a pressure washer can be more efficient and get the job done right.