how to set up a DIY pressure washer trailer

DIY Pressure Washer Trailer Setup: How to Set Up a Pressure Washer Trailer

Pressure washer trailers play a critical role in every business’s cleaning processess. Their unparalleled mobility, enhanced organization, and cost-effectiveness make them a vital investment.

However, learning how to make a pressure washer trailer can be complicated if you plan to do everything yourself. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve created this guide on how to set up a pressure washer trailer to show you the ins and outs and help you stay focused on cleaning rather than preparation.

We’ll cover all the topics you need to know, from general DIY pressure washer trailer setup best practices to specifics based on your machine, like hot water pressure washer trailer setup.

Let’s dive right in.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Trailers

Before you go through the effort of learning how to set up a pressure washer trailer, it’s crucial to know why you should consider doing so. Cold or hot water pressure washer trailer setup is not easy when done by yourself, and you could get discouraged without a strong enough reason.

Thankfully, pressure washer trailers offer many benefits, from mobility and organization to positive effects on brand reputation.

Mobility and Versatility

Many business owners ask: Why use a trailer when a standalone power washer has similar levels of cleaning power?

One key factor that sets trailers apart is their unrivaled versatility. Pressure washer trailers offer incredible mobility, whether you hitch them to the back of a vehicle or move them around a large work site.

In addition to accessing multiple cleaning sites, pressure washer trailers allow you to tackle various cleaning tasks without disrupting workflow. Trailers contain several accessories, nozzles, and detergents, allowing you to seamlessly switch between light cleaning tasks on delicate surfaces and challenging stains like grime or graffiti.

Organized and Efficient Equipment Storage

A crucial part of cold or hot water pressure washer trailer setup is organizing all your tools. Trailers go above and beyond standalone machines by providing a designated area to store all the necessary accessories and detergents.

Having a spot for each tool allows your team to access everything without disrupting workflow or having items misplaced, damaged, or lost.

Professional Image and Branding

Your reputation as a business is crucial to your success. During DIY pressure washer trailer setup, you can use your trailer as a mobile branding tool. 

You can add key identifying features like your logo, contact information, and brand color scheme, which will then be displayed while your trailer is hitched.

As such, a trailer can be a moving billboard for your business. However, because it can have implications on your professional reputation, it’s crucial that you properly learn how to set up a pressure washer trailer to avoid mistakes.

Let’s switch gears and discuss the difference between learning how to set up a pressure washer trailer yourself and going the professional route.

Is a DIY Pressure Washer Trailer Setup Worth it Or Should You Rent/Buy a Professionally Made Trailer?

You now know that pressure washer trailers are one of the best ways to tackle various cleaning tasks in an organized fashion while bolstering your professional image.

However, these benefits only come when you properly set up a pressure washer trailer, which may not happen with a DIY build.

Cost Comparison and Budget Considerations

The long-term costs of a DIY pressure washer trailer can often exceed those of a professional setup. You must acquire every accessory individually, purchase a trailer and hitch, source a pressure washer, and install everything ideally to avoid premature maintenance issues.

If you incur mistakes during this cold or hot water pressure trailer setup process, you may damage critical machinery and ruin any cost savings you would’ve had by doing it all yourself.

Time and Effort vs Convenience

Learning how to make a pressure washer trailer yourself is extraordinarily time-consuming. Without doing the proper research, it is easy to underestimate the process, which can spell disaster for your efforts in the long run.

You’ll need an intimate knowledge of pressure washing systems, including correctly sourcing a trailer, power washer, accessories, and detergents. If you make any mistakes, you may need to reconfigure the setup.

On the other hand, purchasing a professional pressure washer trailer offers instant gratification. These trailers are ready to use upon purchase and can be customized by professionals, saving valuable time and effort.

Quality and Reliability

The last thing you want after learning how to make a pressure washer trailer is to realize your DIY setup wasn’t done correctly. An unreliable setup can lead to costly repairs, inefficient cleaning, and frustration for you and your employees.

With a professional pressure washer trailer, you can rest assured that the setup fits any task. Plus, you will have the protection of warranties and customer support to assist you if you need maintenance rather than trying to diagnose problems yourself.

We’ve explored the differences between DIY trailers and professional ones, so if you are still leaning toward DIY, let’s discuss how to make a pressure washer trailer.

DIY Pressure Washer Trailer Setup Guide: How to Set Up a Pressure Washer Trailer Step-by-Step

Every step in this process is crucial to creating a DIY trailer that won’t fail. Follow this guide closely to ensure the best odds of putting together a trailer without encountering long-term issues.

Planning Your Pressure Washer Trailer Setup

Start by assessing your cleaning needs to help you find a suitable trailer capable of handling all your parts. 

You’ll need to consider factors like the trailer’s weight limit. If you plan on adding extra hoses, accessories, or water tanks, you’ll need to know the weight of everything, including the weight of a full tank of water, to avoid any issues.

Other crucial factors include a power source if using an electric power washer, legal requirements for your jurisdiction, including taillights or license plates, and keeping everything under your budget.

Buying a Trailer

After taking the time to plan everything out, your next step is to purchase a trailer. Depending on your budget, both new and used trailers can be suitable. 

A crucial factor to consider when shopping is the trailer’s weight limit. You must leave ample room for your machine, water tanks, and all accessories.

Finding the Right Pressure Washer

Start by looking at the cleaning needs of your business, including the types of stains you usually encounter. From there, you’ll be able to compare pressure washers across a few criteria:

  • PSI & GPM: These two acronyms are pounds per square inch and gallons per minute. The former controls how powerful the water flow is, while the latter denotes how much water is used. Generally, the higher these numbers, the tougher the stain you can remove, though you must be careful with delicate surfaces like vehicles.
  • Gas or Electric: The type of motor within your power washer is also a critical decision. Gas models are generally more powerful and mobile, while electric models are quieter and eco-friendly.
  • Cold or Hot Water: Hot water models are better suited for tougher embedded stains like grease and oil. However, they are also more expensive and trickier to store than cold water models.
  • Durability: With plenty of power washer brands on the market, you’ll want a model with a strong reputation for reliability and durability. Choosing the right brand, especially one with a good warranty, will help you save money on maintenance and replacement parts over time.
  • Accessories: Your pressure washer trailer should be capable of tackling various cleaning tasks. To clean effectively, you will need a variety of attachments, such as surface cleaners and nozzles, along with various detergents. Be sure your model is compatible with these vital accessories before purchasing them.

Mounting the Pressure Washer

You will begin by mounting your pressure washer. To avoid issues while towing, choose a balanced spot on the trailer away from the edges.

Depending on the trailer you invested in, you may need to build a mounting platform. To minimize movement, you can secure the pressure washer with bolts and metal.

Setting Up Water Supply Systems

Your trailer won’t go very far without a steady supply of water. You will need at least one water tank to tackle as many cleaning tasks as possible without requiring a refill.

Mount the water tank to prevent it from moving around during transport. You must also properly install hoses and plumbing connections from the tank to the power washer to reduce the risk of leaks.

We recommend adding room for additional portable water containers in case you use more water than expected during a job.

Arranging Power and Fuel Sources

Your power requirements will vary based on the type of motor you are using.

For gas models, you will need a ventilated and secure area for fuel. You want to avoid the risk of spills or excess fumes.

Electric models may require a generator if you are in a worksite without close access to an electrical outlet. We recommend using heavy-duty extension cords rated for outdoor use as part of best practices for safety.

Organizing Storage and Accessories

Finally, keeping all of your parts organized is crucial. We recommend hose reels for damage-free storage of hoses, mounting racks or hooks for your accessories like surface cleaners and wands, and small cabinets or shelves for additional parts like safety equipment.

We’ve covered everything you need to know about putting together a pressure washer trailer. The only thing left for you to do is decide whether you want to do it all yourself or work with a team of professionals.

If you’re looking for help with trailer setup or anything related to commercial pressure washers in New Jersey, we know just the place to help you decide.

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Final Thoughts on How to Set Up a Pressure Washer Trailer DIY

Overall, setting up a pressure washer trailer yourself is a complex process. The DIY route can quickly become a headache between planning, installation, and repairs.

That’s why we recommend going the professional route. If you’re looking for help with a commercial pressure washer trailer in NJ, RJP Hotsy has you covered! Thanks to our friendly and experienced team, we are the #1 home for all things pressure washing in the state.

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