5700 | 5800 Series

The 5700 | 5800 SERIES Hot Water Pressure Washers are designed for the toughest, industrial cleaning jobs.

  • Vertical banded belt provides extended life and reduced maintenance costs by eliminating multiple belts that stretch at different rates. New belt tensioner provides constant tension and makes servicing and maintenance of the belt a breeze.
  • Large frame Hotsy belt-drive pump features NESTechnology with U-Seals for 3 times longer pump life. To eliminate cavitation, both sides of the pump are fed from the 10-gallon float tank that provides “flooded suction”. The pump also has an oil drain, allowing for easy oil changes.
  • Detachable panel allows access to wiring and control panel hub
  • Smart Relay Control provides complete control over run time, auto start/stop, and time delay shut down functionality. Wire displacement terminals eliminate loose wiring. Remote Ready
  • Large 10-gallon polyethylene float tank with cool-down pump by-pass loop to significantly reduce potential pump damage from the operator regularly running the machine in by-pass mode.
  • Motor is mounted to slide out rails for easy removal
5730SS 8 N/A HX9536L.2 230/3
5732SS-HOT-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 8 N/A HX9536L.2 3000 230/3
5732SS-208 8 N/A HX9536L.2 3000 208/3
5733SS-HOT-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 8 N/A HX9536L.2 3000 460/3
5735SS-HOT-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 8 N/A HX9536L.2 3000 460/3
5736SS-HOT-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 8 N/A HX9536L.2 3000 460/3
5832SS-HOT-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 9.5 N/A HX1036L.2 2500 230/3
5832SS-208-HOT-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 9.5 N/A HX1036L.2 2500 208/3
5835SS-HOT-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 9.5 N/A HX1036L.2 2500 460/3
5836SS-HOT-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 9.5 N/A HX1036L.2 2500 575/3