Commercial Cold Water Pressure Washers

Gain access to the premier selection of commercial cold water pressure washers in New Jersey at RJP Hotsy. Effortless, affordable industrial cleaning solutions are just a few clicks away!
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Enjoy Simple, Affordable Cleaning Efficiency With Our Commercial Cold Water Pressure Washers in New Jersey!

Industrial cold water pressure washers in New Jersey offer an effective, economical solution for a range of cleaning tasks where heat isn't a necessity. These units are less complex and more energy-efficient than their hot water counterparts, making them perfect for everyday, heavy-duty cleaning. They’re ideal for removing dirt, mud, and debris. Here at RJP Hotsy, we’re proud to present New Jersey's finest selection in NJ, catering to diverse industrial needs with unparalleled efficiency. See what a difference the right industrial pressure washers in New Jersey can make in your cleaning arsenal today!

What Separates Our Industrial Cold Water Pressure Washers in New Jersey From the Rest?

RJP Hotsy is the most trusted choice in the New Jersey market with a distinct combination of top-tier equipment and unparalleled customer service. Our selection is a testament to Hotsy's legendary reliability and performance. They’re tailored to meet diverse industrial cleaning demands. From robust engines to durable frames, every unit is a testament to our commitment to quality. Here are some of our most popular:
  • HD 3.0/27 G (HD Series): A powerhouse delivering up to 4 GPM at 2700 to 4100 PSI. It's equipped with reliable Honda gasoline engines, available in both recoil and electric-start models. This model is built to last, featuring a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and flat-free tires. It comes with a 3-year warranty on the Honda engine and a 7-year warranty on the heavy-duty triplex pump, assuring long-term reliability.
  • HHD 5/30 G (HHD Series): High performance with 5.0 to 8.0 GPM at 3500 PSI. It's powered by a dependable Honda GX gasoline engine and is designed for versatility with a skid design, hose reel mount, and chemical injector. The Hotsy 7-year pump warranty underscores its long-term durability and quality assurance.
  • 1726 Electric (Hotsy 1700 Series): Ideal for challenging cleaning tasks. It's user-friendly, equipped with quick disconnect nozzles and a smooth, quiet belt-drive motor. The model can be customized with an optional stainless steel cabinet for extra durability. It also features a zinc-plated, variable-pressure, dual-lance wand and a standard hour meter, adding to its functionality and ease of use.
There are many more models to choose from as well, and we can talk about your needs to find the right solution. We can even help you create a custom pressure washer trailer! From commercial pressure washer rental in NJ to commercial pressure washer leasing in NJ, and even commercial pressure washer repair in NJ, you don’t have to invest in your own unit to gain access to the diverse selection of cleaning solutions here at RJP Hotsy. Reach out today and find out how we can help you transform your cleaning process for the better!

The Perfect Pressure Washing Solution is Waiting to Be Discovered at RJP Hotsy!

Discover the ideal commercial cleaning solution for your business at RJP Hotsy. Contact us today for expert advice and explore our extensive range of industrial cold water pressure washers in New Jersey. Whether you need a robust machine for general cleaning or a more specialized unit for specific tasks, we have the solution ready and waiting. If you decide that cold water isn’t going to cut it, we’ve also curated a selection of commercial hot water pressure washers in New Jersey. We can discuss your needs and determine whether you’re better off with a hot or cold water unit. So, why not get in touch today to find the perfect pressure washer solution for your company’s unique needs? It’s time to invest in faster, more effective cleaning with RJP Hotsy!
1710 2.8 Optional 1000 HB3030R 120/1 Belt
1720 3.9 Optional 2000 HM4030R.3 230/1 Belt
1722 3.9 Optional 2000 HM4030R.3 208/1 Belt
1723 3.9 Optional 2000 HM4030R.3 208/3 Belt
1724 3.9 Optional 2000 HM4030R.3 230/3 Belt
1725 3.9 Optional 2000 HM4030R.3 460/3 Belt
1726 3.9 Optional 2000 HM4030R.3 575/3 Belt
1743 4.8 Optional 3000 HM4035R.3 208/3 Belt
1744 4.8 Optional 3000 HM4035R.3 230/3 Belt
1745 4.8 Optional 3000 HM4035R.3 460/3 Belt
1746 4.8 Optional 3000 HM4035R.3 575/3 Belt
1753 5.6 Optional 2500 HX9536R.2 208/3 Belt
1754 5.6 Optional 2500 HX9536R.2 208/3 Belt
1755 5.6 Optional 2500 HX9536R.2 460/3 Belt
1756 5.6 Optional 2500 HX9536R.2 208/3 Belt
HD-3-0-27-G-COLD-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 3 2700 N/A LP3035 Std Direct
HD-3-5-35-G-COLD-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 3.5 3500 N/A LP3035 Std Direct
HD-3-5-35-GB-COLD-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 3.5 3500 N/A LM3540R.3 Std Belt
HD-4-0-40-G-COLD-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 4 4000 N/A LS4040G.3 Std Direct
HD-4-0-40-GB-COLD-WATER-PRESSURE-WASHER 4 4000 N/A LM3840R.3 Std Belt