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Which Surfaces Can Be Pressure Washed?

When it comes to keeping your New Jersey property in good condition, a deep clean is sometimes necessary. But how do you know if a surface can handle a pressure washer? Here are some common questions asked about what surfaces can be power washed safely.

Power Washing Aluminum Siding

Absolutely! Aluminum is a tougher surface compared to vinyl, making it easy to clean with the help of a power washer. However, you should still be careful; if too much pressure is used during cleaning, aluminum siding can potentially become dented or lose its paint. Be aware of your settings and proceed appropriately for best results.

Pressure Washing Brick

Yes. Brick is absorbent and any contaminants, algae or otherwise, can seep in and start to erode the mortar or grout. Pressure washing brick is a prudent way of not only reinstating its look but also shielding it from further damage.

Power Washing Concrete

Yes, concrete is porous, similar to brick surfaces. Soil, dirt and other impurities are absorbed into the concrete over time, resulting in discoloration. Luckily there’s an easy solution! Pressure washing is safe and efficient way to remove these contaminants from your concrete surfaces so they can look as good as new!

Pressure Washing a Roof

Contrary to what many believe, power washing a roof is not recommended. Shingles are quite delicate and subjecting them to this type of pressure can cause long-term damage. Instead, there are specialized treatments that will kill any existing algae, moss, or lichen.

Power Washing Windows

Utilizing a power washer to clean windows is an option, however microfiber cloths and squeegees are much more effective when it comes to window washing. You shouldn’t push too hard with the power washer though, or you could risk forcing liquid beneath the window glass.

Power washing can be a dangerous endeavor, so it is always wise to trust the professionals. If you’re looking for an incredible pressure washer in New Jersey, head over to RJP Hotsy! We provide custom cleaning solutions tailored specifically towards indoor spaces, truck and trailer builds, automated wash systems and water reclamation projects. With our expert help on board, rest assured your surfaces will receive unparalleled attention!